Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Cabin 2012

Last weekend we headed up to Hackensack again for our annual cabin weekend. This time we were actually all able to leave at the same time, so we did a little caravan up north. Nick even had some old school walkie talkies that we used to communicate with each other. Way cooler and quicker than cell phones.

Saturday morning was kind of rainy on and off, so we weren't in a huge hurry to get to the cabin. When we finally arrived at the cabin, the weather cleared up and it ended up being a great afternoon and evening.

This year we were able to see a gorgeous sunset every night. I think this one with the pink sky is my favorite.

Jachin and Erin Canoeing

Sunset Night 1

Sunday morning Ty made us eggs and Kasie cooked up some bacon. We then spent a majority of the rest of day relaxing. Some in the hammock and some in the water. A few of the guys took a trip to Walker to hang out. We did have a small interruption in our relaxing when had to send out a search party to find Nick. Luckily he decided a nap on the football field sounded like a good afternoon activity.

Hanging out in the Hammock

Ty and Jachin Playing Bags

Pine Needles

Night 2 Sunset

On Monday morning Heather made us pancakes before our big football game. This year the teams were Team Commando and Team Medium Rare. For some reason this year we ended the game in a tie. My accomplishment this year was I actually had an interception and a touchdown. Those stats even surprise me.

Team Commando

Team Commando

Team Medium Rare

Team Medium Rare

And before Elysia and Nick left we got a group photo.

The Group at the Cabin

After lunch a group of us headed to Itasca State Park to do some hiking. The park ended up being more of a driving thing than a hiking thing. We did stop to see the Headwaters of the Mississippi. Patrick, Heather, Erin and I had all been before, but this was Jachin's first time.

Itasca State Park

We also saw Itasca's largest white pine.

Itasca State Park

Itasca's Largest White Pine

And here is the former largest red pine in Minnesota. A storm came through in 2007 and took out part of the tree. Kind of weird this is still a site to see.

Itasca State Park

Our final stop on the loop around the park was at the Fire Tower. We climbed 133 steps to the top of the tower. It was kind of freaky to be up so high.

Climb to the Fire Tower

Climb to the Fire Tower

Climb to the Fire Tower

We got back to the cabin and watched the sunset, made our hobo dinners, ate some smores and enjoyed time around the campfire with great friends.

Night 3 Sunset

Making Hobo Dinners

Shanna's Smore

The group at the fire

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