Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Frontenac State Park

Last weekend was again filled with a camping adventure. This is the sixth state park we have visited this year. This weekend we headed south to Frontenac State Park between Red Wing and Lake City. It was a beautiful weekend for camping and hiking. This time we didn't even reserve a campsite before hand. We figured if we didn't get a site we could just spend the day hiking around and then head back home for the night.

When we arrived on Saturday we were able to get a site right away. We got to our site and made our lunch: ham sandwiches, homemade salsa and chips.

Camping Lunch

After we set up our tent we did a little hiking around the park. The trails were right by the campsite. We saw this deer very close to our site. It wasn't scared of us at all, so it must be used to people being around. The highlights of the rest of our hike were the views of Lake Pepin, finding a apple tree and seeing a giant snake on the prairie trails.

Deer in Frontenac State Park

Look Out at Frontenac

Apple Tree at Frontenac

Hiking Through Prairie at Frontenac State Park

Frontenac State Park

After about 3 hours and six miles of hiking we headed back to our campsite. Patrick then took a nap and I read the latest Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine. It was very relaxing after a long hike. Later that night we made a campfire, cooked our burritos and roasted marshmallows before heading to bed. The burritos turned out awesome. I used this recipe with fresh pico de gallo and a little shredded cheese. Cooking them over the fire made them an awesome burrito/quesadilla combo.

Frontenac State Park

Camping Drinks

Frontenac State Park

The next morning we decided just to pack up and head home since we hiked a majority of the park the day before. We were home by noon and the laundry was done before 5pm. It was a great way to spend the weekend.

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