Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had an amazing five days off for Christmas this year. I don't think I have had this much time off to do nothing since Christmas break in college. It was amazing. Patrick and I spent a majority of our five days cooking meals, watching movies, catching up on our DVRed shows and playing board games.

We started our time off on Friday night when Patrick made us hamburgers and french fries.


On Saturday morning we ventured to Yo Yo Donuts in Minnetonka.


The remainder of Saturday consisted of a lot of laziness, but we did manage to go to look at Christmas lights and get groceries for our Christmas meals.

On Sunday we watched the Packer Game, went on a walk in the single degree temperatures and then made Christmas dinner number one: baked ham with cheesy scalloped potatoes and green beans. I even remembered we had these silver chargers from our wedding, so I got those out to make it a fancy dinner.

Christmas Eve Dinner

Ham & Scalloped Potatoes Dinner

For breakfast on Monday morning we made an egg strata with some of the leftover ham.

Egg Strata

Patrick also decided we needed a treat, so he baked up some frozen cookies he bought from a co-worker's kid.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We also spent some time making homemade pasta. Patrick got me this Kitchen Aid Pasta Press for Christmas a couple years ago and I have only really used it once. The press makes it pretty easy to make pasta, but it always seems like too much work to make the pasta along with the rest of the dish. I figured Christmas was a good excuse to make our own pasta. We used the rigatoni attachement and made the noodles for one of our favorite pasta dishes Lemony Kale Pasta.

Pasta Making

Homemade Rigatoni Pasta

Then it was time to move on the games portion of the weekend. First up was Scrabble. I some how managed to beat Patrick before and after church in two seperate games.


After our first round of Scrabble we headed to church. As always, it was a beautiful Christmas Eve service and my favorite part was the singing of Silent Night while the church is lit up by candlelight. On the way home we took the scenic route around the lakes to look at more Christmas lights.

When we got home we made Christmas dinner number two: King Crab Legs and Lemony Kale Pasta. It was another fabulous meal. After dinner we played another game of Scrabble and watched Home Alone.

Lemon & Kale Pasta with Crab Legs

The most hectic day of our Christmas break was Christmas Day. I planned to bring Baked Ziti to my parents' house for lunch, so I had to put that together before we left the house at 10:30am. We managed to eat breakfast, make the pasta and open our gifts before heading out.

Our Christmas festivities included eating lots of cookies, playing Connect 4, Bandu and catch with Ben.

Nickie's Cookies

Luke playing Connect 4


Sara playing Bandu


Both Patrick and I took the day after Christmas off so we finished off our time off by watching the rest of Home Alone II, watching some quality television and playing an intense game of Life.


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