Friday, February 1, 2013

Cove Point Lodge 2013

Last weekend we headed up to the North Shore for a little vacation. Last year we bought a Groupon for  Cove Point Lodge near Beaver Bay. We enjoyed our trip so much last year we decided to go again this year. Sadly there was no Groupon this year, but they have some pretty awesome winter specials, so we just booked one of those. The long weekend consisted of a lot of relaxing, but the weather was awesome with temperatures in the high 20's and low 30's so we did take advantage of that and do some outdoor activities.

Here is the view from our room. The room and the view last year were better, but I think we did end up paying less for an additional night this year.

Cove Point View

One of our outdoor activities was checking out the Split Rock Lighthouse. For how many times we have been to the North Shore, Patrick had never been there before. I definitely prefer the lighthouse and Gooseberry in the winter. Going there in the summer there are too many people, but in the winter they are both super peaceful.

Split Rock

Split Rock

Patrick throwing rocks

Sara and Patrick at Split Rock

Split Rock Winter

Deer Sighting

Another new place we checked out on our trip was the Silver Creek Cliff. We have gone through this tunnel so many times, but I never realized there was a little path to walk around the side of it. We learned that Highway 61 used to go around the cliff until the tunnel was opened in 1994.

Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel

Silver Creek Cliff Tunnel

Later that day we walked out to the Point at the lodge. On the way we stopped at the heated fish house. We remember that last year it was heated with a fireplace, this year it was heated with portable electric heaters.


Cove Point

Sara and Patrick

One of our favorite parts of Cove Point Lodge is the breakfast. They serve a traditional Scandinavian breakfast, but they also have some other tasty options like scrambled eggs and sausage.

Breakfast at Cove Point

One of the mornings we woke up to snow covered trees. It was really beautiful.

Snowy Morning at Cove Point

We choose this morning to check out Lutsen and Temperance River State Park. I had never been to Temperance River, but Patrick had on one of his backpacking trips.

Temperance River State Park

Temperance River State Park

Temperance River State Park

The next day our adventures took us snowshoeing. Cove Point Lodge has five pairs available for guests to use, so we set out on our adventure. We ended up spending about 3 and half hours doing part of the Cove Point Loop on the Superior Hiking Trail. Most of the trip there was uphill and exhausting. Luckily that meant the way back was much easier.

Sara and Patrick snowshoeing

Snowshoeing on Cove Point

Sara and Patrick

Snowshoeing near Cove Point Lodge


Sara and Patrick

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