Friday, May 24, 2013

Luke's Graduation

Last weekend we headed up to Duluth to celebrate Luke's graduation from the University of Minnesota Duluth. We went up on Friday night and met up with my family for dinner. We ended up at Pizza Luce, big surprise. After dinner we got drinks at Little Angie's Cantina in Canal Park.

Then Saturday was the big day. Luke's new company has a suite in the Amsoil Arena (where they play UMD Hockey) so they had offered to let us sit there during the ceremony. The message didn't get passed on to the gate keepers of the suites, so we had a rather awkward encounter with the lady in charge. We ended up sitting in a basically an identical spot across the arena so it worked out fine. We watched Luke and his 500+ classmates graduate.

Luke's Graduation

Luke at Graduation

Luke at Graduation

Luke's College Graduation

Luke at Graduation

The weather in Duluth wasn't exactly nice, so we took a few photos at Nickie & Nathan's hotel before we headed to lunch at the Canal Park Brewing Company.

Sara, Dad, Mom, Luke, Nathan, Nickie & Patrick

Sara, Luke & Patrick

Luke's Graduation

And after lunch we went to Luke's house, packed all of his things. He has basically no possessions. It all fit in my mom's Escape and Nickie & Nathan's Malibu. Then we headed to the reception that his program was holding at school. We got to see the Financial Markets program classroom and they had a nice little slideshow about their last year. After the program, Patrick and I headed to Two Harbors to get some smoked fish from Lou's. Well they ended up being closed so it just ended up being a drive to Two Harbors. On the way back we called David to see if he wanted to meet up with us for dinner. We ended up deciding to go to Burrito Union, a place Luke referred to as the Living Room since he spent so much time there. Ironically enough we saw Luke walking by as we were sitting there, so he and his friend Mike joined us.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rave Run & Wedding Fun

Last Friday night a group of us participated in the Rave Run at ValleyFair in Shakopee. The run was a lighted 5K or 3.5K really through ValleyFair at 9pm at night. The girls did the run, while the guys tailgated in the parking lot. It was a fun night.

Sara, Heather, Kasie, Shanna & Elysia

Blake, Jago, Nick & Patrick

Kasie and Shanna

Sara, Kasie & Shanna

Kasie, Shanna, Heather, Elysia and Sara

Then on Saturday we headed to Wisconsin Dells for Steph & JP's wedding. Steph and I are friends from college, so we got to see a ton of people from college. The dance was awesome. We went to watch Steph & JP's first dance and stayed out on the dance floor the rest of the night.

Steph and JP

Sara and Patrick