Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Trip West | Badlands & Mount Rushmore - July 14, 2013

After the less than ideal sleeping conditions the night before we were ready to get up and moving that morning. We were up early at 7:30am and hiked to the top of a hill near our campsite. It was quite peaceful up there so early in the morning. Here is the view of the campground from the top of the hill.

Badlands Campground

Badlands Campground

After we packed up our tent we stopped to see more bison on our way out of the park. If you want to see bison up close this is the place to come, they are every where.

Bison in Badlands

Bison in Badlands

We also stopped at the same lookout we stopped the night before. We thought there might be a hiking trail into the Badlands, but then we discovered it was probably just an animal trail and if you went into the Badlands it might be a long journey to find your way back.

Badlands - Patrick

Badlands - Sara

Next on our agenda was to visit Mount Rushmore. Unfortunately it was pretty rainy while we were there so we just took a few photos and went inside to watch the movie on how it was created. The movie was pretty interesting and it quite amazing that they were able to create this awesome monument in the mountain.

Mount Rushmore

After our short visit to Mount Rushmore we were on our way to Montana. We spent a lot of time in the car that day, but we ultimately ended up camping near Livingston, MT in the Gallatian National Forest. We found the campground on the map so we were a bit skeptical of where we would end up, but it ended up being one our favorite places the whole trip. The campground hosts were super friendly and relaxed. They warned us about the bears and how we should keep all our stuff in "our rig" when weren't at the campsite. It was the perfect spot to camp for the night.

Pine Creek Sunset

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