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Our Trip West | Montana - July 15, 2013

The sleeping conditions in Pine Creek Campground were much nicer than the night before. No tent flapping the in the wind and the temperature in the mountains were perfect for sleeping. After a good night's sleep we got up and had cereal for breakfast. We usually only eat cereal on Saturday or Sunday mornings, so you know its going to be a good day when you start the day with cereal.

Cereal at Pine Creek

Glacier - July 15, 2013

Pine Creek Campground

After our leisurely breakfast we decided to go on a hike. There was either a five mile hike to the lake or one mile to Pine Creek Falls, if we had unlimited time we would have chosen the longer route but still had a long way to get to Glacier so we decided on the shorter hike. It ended up being an awesome trail, not too difficult and shaded.

Glacier - July 15, 2013-002

Pine Creek Falls

Glacier - July 15, 2013-001

Glacier - July 15, 2013-003

After our hike we headed back to the campsite and packed up our stuff for another long day on the road. My uncle Pete lives in Montana and it worked out that we could meet him for lunch in Three Forks, MT. It was fun to see them and hear some family stories that don't make it to the family get togethers. We still had at least a five hour drive ahead of us until Glacier. We survived those hours in the car with the Hunger Games on audio book and peach rings snacks.

Three Forks, Montana - Sara & Pete

Montana Scenary

Peach Rings

We also stopped for a dinner break at a gas station. Nothing classier than eating veggie pitas out of the back of the Explorer.

Pita Dinner

Around 9:30pm we arrived in Whitefish State Park. From looking online it seemed like we wouldn't be able to get a campsite in Glacier, so we decided to stay at a state park about 20 miles from Glacier. They had no real campsites left, but luckily the camp host did let us set up in the hiker campsite. For the third night in a row we beat the sun setting and got our tent up just in time.

Whitefish Campground

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