Monday, September 9, 2013

Cabin 2013 - July 26th to July 28th

After our vacation we went back to work for a few days before heading to the cabin with our friends. Most of them went up on Thursday, but since we had used a lot of our vacation on our trip we headed up Friday night after work. This year there were 15 of us, with Jago and Laura being the newest additions to the group. We continued our yearly football game, the temperature was cool so it was perfect football weather. We also played some volleyball, bean bags and ladder golf on Saturday. Nothing too eventful happened this year, I guess that means we are just getting older and wiser:)

Beer & Sausage

Campfire Group

Jeff, Kasie & Patrick with Meat Fest Shirts

Campfire Group

Whole Group

Losing Team

Winning Team


Patrick and Jago

Jeff and his Dorito Purse


Heather said...

You totally forgot about the new game we played (can't remember the official name offhand...yep, getting old and memory is going too!)

Sara said...

Oh yeah, Telestrations. That game was really fun. We have even talked about buying it for ourselves.