Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Labor Day Vacation 2013

This year for Labor Day weekend we restarted the tradition of going to somewhere with my dad's family. In the past couple years we did a one day celebration at my cousin Frannie's house, but this year we went back to Arrowwood in Alexandria for the weekend. I had a wedding on Friday so I wasn't able to come up until after I was done, so Patrick rode up with Luke on the way there and with me on the way home. On Saturday we celebrated my aunt Leone's 64th birthday and hung out around the resort. It was a super hot day that eventually ended with a thunderstorm coming through.

Breakfast Time

Here are Leone's grandkids singing her happy birthday.

The Grandkids singing Happy Birthday

The Ben's antagonizing each other.

The Ben's

The Whole Birthday Party Group.

Leone's Birthday Party Group

Nickie and almost all of Leone's grandkids. We are missing only two Elim and Ben.

Nickie and almost all the Loween kids

While the storm came through we ate walking tacos while all the kids used the hallway as a racing track.

Walking Tacos

We also did a little mini golfing.

Patrick and Ben

To end the night we watched slides on a projector from when my dad and his siblings were kids.


The weekend was way too short, but it was fun to see everyone as it doesn't happen often enough. When I was a kid Labor Day vacation was one of my favorite times of the year, so I hope we can keep the tradition alive.

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