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Our Trip West | GNP: Hidden Lake & St. Mary Falls - July 20, 2013

After sleeping in our luxurious accommodations we were ready for some adventure, but not too much. We knew we had to get going relatively early or we would be camping at the other side of the park. Before we left we made sure our batteries were charged and we were clean since we weren't sure when our next shower would be. Here is the view from our hotel room, it doesn't compare to Cracker Lake, but it was much better than any of the campsites we stayed at.

Many Glacier Hotel

We packed up and got to Rising Sun Campground fairly early. Luckily there was decent spot open, so we booked it for the next two nights since we were sick of getting a new campsite every morning.

Glacier - July 20, 2013

Rising Sun Campground

After we got our tent set up we went to the Rising Sun Motor Inn for lunch. The restaurant, hotel and convenience store were within walking distance of the campground so that was really nice, especially since we stayed at this campground for two nights. For lunch we shared a sandwich and boneless wings. And what meal in Glacier is complete without a huckleberry lemonade.

Glacier - July 20, 2013-001

We decided to do the Hidden Lake trail that leaves from Logan Pass that afternoon. It's one of the easier hikes in the park, only 1.5 miles each way. We were both up for that after our exhausting day the day before. This is a super well traveled path, they even constructed a boardwalk on parts of the trail. Some people thought they would even be able to use their stroller on the path, those people probably didn't make it to the lake.

Hike to Hidden Lake

Hike to Hidden Lake

Hike to Hidden Lake

On our way to the lake we saw a man being evacuated off the trail. It looked like he injured his foot or ankle. It was late afternoon and the snow was melting and very slippery going down, so it would be easy to injure yourself on the trail if you weren't careful.

Hike to Hidden Lake

It was crazy how many mountain goats we saw on this trail. They were obviously very used to humans and just kept doing their thing while all of us took hundreds of photos of them.

Glacier - July 20, 2013-002

Mountain Goats at Hidden Lake

Here is the lookout point at Hidden Lake, another gorgeous place. The trail down to the lake was closed because of bear danger, apparently the bears like to feed out of the lake this time of year so they regularly close the trail down for that reason.

Hidden Lake

Patrick and Sara at Hidden Lake

Mountain Goats at Hidden Lake

At Hidden Lake we added another animal to our sighting list. We saw some big horn sheep as we were heading back to the Logan Pass Visitor Center.

Glacier - July 20, 2013-004

Hike to Logan Pass from Hidden Lake

After our hike we decided to go back down the Going to the Sun Road since we didn't really stop the other morning when we drove through. We saw the weeping wall and the arches again. This was our second time here and we went back again the next day and it is kind of crazy how the view never gets old.

Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road

Going to the Sun Road

On our way back to the campground we decided that if there was a parking spot at St. Mary Falls we would stop and go see the falls. It was less than a mile to St. Mary Falls and another short hike to Virginia Falls. I am so glad we found a spot. The hiking was fairly shaded and the best part was the relief we got from the heat when we made it to Virginia Falls. It was misting cool water at us and it was so refreshing after hiking in 80 degree temperatures.

St. Mary Falls

Virigina Falls

Glacier - July 20, 2013-003

When we got back to our campground we prepped dinner so everything would be ready to go after we got back from the Nature Program. The program was led by a ranger and was called The Ecology of Fear: Predators of Glacier National Park. It was pretty interesting. After the program we grilled up our dinner and had our first campfire of the trip.

Glacier - July 20, 2013-005

Campsite at Rising Sun

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