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Our Trip West | GNP - July 21-23, 2013

And I am finally writing the last post from our vacation that ended over a month ago. And even though it was a month ago I wish we were still there, vacation is never long enough. This was our most relaxing day of vacation on the entire trip. It was still pretty warm out and the heat was making us exhausted so we decided that our plan for the day was to ride the Going to the Sun Road Shuttle bus. It is a free service that stops at many points along the road. We figured this would be a great way for us to enjoy the road without having to worry about the driving part.

The bus doesn't have a set schedule, so we waited for a good amount of time before the bus picked us up. Once we were on the bus a woman got on and we must have asked her something so she went on to say that just riding the bus wasn't a good way to fully experience the park. We both realize that, but she was really pushy that we should do this 6 mile hike and we were both like that's great lady but we don't feel like hiking six miles today. We thought we could avoid her because she got off at the Logan Pass stop, but she was transferring to the other bus as well so we had to endure another ride on the bus with her.

Going to the Sun Road Shuttle

We got off the bus at the Loop stop. We thought there might be a place there for a picnic, but there wasn't anything too appealing so we walked down the trail and found a place in the shade under a bridge. It was an excellent spot to be out of the sun and enjoy our lunch.

Glacier - July 21, 2013-002

Trail Mix

After eating our lunch and just hanging out we got back on the shuttle and rode back to Logan Pass. At Logan Pass we took some photos at the Continental Divide sign and then got back on a different bus that took us back to the campground.

Glacier - July 21, 2013-001

We spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing at the campsite, reading and just hanging out. Here is our campsite neighbors who had quite the awesome Vanagon.

Rising Sun Campsite

Glacier - July 21, 2013

For dinner we made Asian food. I had found a plastic bottle of sauce in the premade food section at Target so that along with some rice noodles, sausages and veggies made for another fabulous meal.

Asian Food

After dinner we sat around the campfire for longer and then Patrick decided it was time for a run. So he took the bear spray and ran about 2.5 miles on the main road. I wasn't up for that so I stayed back and read some more magazines.

Rising Sun Campsite

By the time Patrick had gotten back from his run and we both showered, the moon was looking pretty cool. So we decided to head across the road to St. Mary Lake and view it from there. When we got there we parked in a handicap spot so a ranger came through the lot and told us to park somewhere else. There was only two other people there so I am not sure what the big deal was, but we moved the car and luckily she didn't give us a ticket. This is also when we met up with two older ladies who came to see the moon as well. Since they were with us now we were brave enough to actually go down to the lake since it was pretty wooded in that area and wild animals around there are very scary as we know from our bear encounter. And here is a photo of the moon over the lake. It was really awesome to see the moon reflecting into the water.

Moon over St. Mary Lake

The next day we packed up our tent, stopped to get breakfast at the Rising Motor Inn and we on our way home.

Leaving Glacier

Leaving Glacier

We spent the next 18 hours in the car driving through some of the most boring scenery in the US. We only stopped to eat, to get gas and to clean bugs off our windshield in North Dakota. We made the trip more exciting by listening to the rest of the Hunger Games on audio book. We stopped the book for awhile after dinner and ended up finishing it right before we arrived home at 3:30am. It was a long day and some poor decisions were made, like our stop at Taco Bell at 2:30am in Alexandria since it was the only thing open. I had seen a sign that there was a 24 hour McDonald's in Fergus Falls and I really just wanted a snack wrap, but that was closed. So then I was set on getting something so Taco Bell it was.

We had an awesome vacation, it was so nice to be disconnected from everything for an extended period of time. I wish we had more time in the park since there were tons of areas we definitely didn't get to. I guess we will have to visit again, but not before we see more National Parks. This trip definitely showed us how much we love this kind of stuff and we plan to visit as many National Parks as we can in our lifetimes.

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