Sunday, November 17, 2013

Packers vs. Bears

On Monday November 4th Patrick and I headed to Lambeau Field for another Packer game. We were both super excited about it: first it was a Monday night game broadcast on ESPN, second it was against a division rival the Bears and third we were going to help carry the flag on to the field during the National Anthem. The whole night ended up being an awesome experience, something neither of us will ever forget.

We arrived at Lambeau Field around 4:30pm and we didn't have to be at our flag practice until 6:00pm so we had plenty of time to wander around and check things out. The previous game we went to in September it was pouring rain the entire time we walked around outside, this time it was chilly but at least it wasn't raining.

Packers Bears Game 11.04-001

Tailgating at Lambeau Field

Tailgating at Lambeau Field

Tailgating at Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field

Around 6:00pm we headed to the Don Hutson Center, where the Packers practice, to meet for our flag practice.  We were spilt into four groups when we arrived. During the National Anthem there would be four flags on the field and we would be helping hold one of them. Each flag would open at a different point during the song, so we spent 45 minutes practicing our performance.

Packers Bears Game 11.04-008

Flag Practice at Don Hutson Center

Packers Bears Game 11.04-002

Don Hutson Center

Event Entertainment Pass

After our practice at the Don Hutson Center our group of about 128 people carried our flags to the stadium. We were at the front of the flags, so we could see the tunnel to the field from where we were waiting. We even got to watch the Packers go back to the locker room after their warm up.

Tundra Tunnel

After the teams were back in the locker room it was our turn to go out on the field. We went through the tunnel and down the Bears sideline to the north end zone.  Since we were first in line we got a front row seat to watch both teams run out the tunnel and be introduced to the stadium.  We were also standing right next to the goal posts that the kickers were warming up on, so we were right in the action with our spot.  In the end we were probably on the field for 10-15 minutes before the National Anthem started. After the coin toss the National Anthem started and we ran out on on the field with our flag. The song seemed to fly by compared to normal. I wish I had some photos from that but it really was pretty awesome to just enjoy the moment.  We both loved the whole experience of being on the field and carrying the flag, but it was extra special for Patrick. He has loved football and the Packers since he can remember, so being able to be on the field before the game definitely fulfilled one of his childhood dreams.

Packers Bears Game 11.04-003

Sara and Patrick on Lambeau Field

Packers Bears Game 11.04-004

View on Lambeau Field

Sara and Patrick on Lambeau Field

Packers Bears Game 11.04-005

Packers Entrance

Packers Entrance

Packers Entrance

Packers Entrance

After the our performance we went to our seats.  We missed Rodgers getting injured since that was in the first play. Also by the time we got to our seats the woman next to us had taken over our seats with papers, desserts and a bottle of diet coke. Because of this we didn't end up spending much time in our seats that night.  The Packers ended up losing the game 27-20. After the game we watched part of the ESPN broadcast and took the long route back to the car. On our walk to the car we saw Jordy Nelson leaving the stadium. Even after the loss he rolled down his window and waved to a small group of us.

Packers Bears Game 11.04-007

ESPN Broadcast

Packers Bears Game 11.04-006

Even after waiting a long time to leave traffic was still quite annoying. We got to our hotel in Oshkosh around 1:15am and immediately went to bed. The next day we slept in and then hit the road back home.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Apple Run and Pumpkin Carving

Now that the fall colors have disappeared and we have experienced our first snowfall of the year it's time to recap some fun fall activities.

Nile Mile Creek

On Saturday, October 19th a group of us participated in the Run for the Apples at the Pine Tree Apple Orchard in White Bear Lake. It was a five mile race through the apple orchard. Despite the crappy weather conditions and the fact that we walked part of the first mile because we didn't even know the race had started, both Patrick and I did fairly well for our first timed running event. Out of the 642 runners, Patrick finished 228th with a time of 45:32 and I finished 388th with a time of 52:13. Nothing compared to my cousin Jake who ran his first marathon the next day in 2 hours and 39 minutes, but that's just crazy. I probably can't even one mile in 6 minutes, much less 26.2.

Group at Apple Run

Apple Run 2013

After our run we went home and enjoyed our Saturday. With no photo sessions that day we really took advantage and enjoyed the day. We made an awesome lunch of coconut chicken curry with cauliflower rice, watched a lot of television and then carved pumpkins that night.

Pumpkin Decorating 2013

Patrick Carving Pumpkins

Sara Carving Pumpkins

Sara & Patrick Carving Pumpkins

Sara & Patrick Carving Pumpkins

2013 Pumpkins