Monday, March 3, 2014

Lutsen 2014

On Thursday, February 20th we headed up to Lutsen for our annual skiing trip. This year we had 12 people in our group: me, Patrick, Heather, Jago, Luke, Kate, Jeff, Erin, Jachin, David, Elysia and Nick. Patrick, Heather, Jago, Luke and I headed out at 9am on the dot to beat the winter storm that was coming. We stopped in Duluth for lunch and the storm was still non existent. This was not the case for the people in the second group. They left the cities at 4:30pm and arrived at the cabin at 12:45am. They did arrive one mile from the cabin around 11:30pm, but the minivan they were driving got stuck on the un plowed road. Eventually they did get a ride but they were prepared to hike to the cabin roller suitcases and all if no other options existed. While the second group was slowly making their way to the cabin the rest of enjoyed our evening by going to the hot tub, eating pizza, drinking, doing handstand push ups and sledding.

Lutsen 20145

Lutsen 20142

The next day we woke up to a ton of snow. No wonder the minivan got stuck. Luke and I were the only ones up for skiing on Friday morning so we got up and going by 9am that morning. Our normal track to ski out of the cabin to the hill was covered in snow, but I figured it wouldn't be that bad. Not true. It was utterly exhausting to trek through that deep snow with our snowboard/skis on. So instead we took them off and carried them. Being much shorter and in worse shape than my younger brother I could not keep up. By the time we both arrived on a more groomed area we were both exhausted.



Lutsen 20141

Treking to Ski Hill

The first few runs down in the deep powder was really fun, but super exhausting. We both wiped out a couple times because it is really hard to control yourself in the deep snow. Once more tracks start appearing in the snow it became harder and harder to ski and snowboard. We decided we would take the gondola over to Eagle Mountain and do some runs over there before we headed back for lunch. Unfortunatley for us the gondola was closed for the day because of the high winds, so we had to take the trail. The trail normally kind of sucks because you have to push yourself more than you would want to, but today with the deep snow it was even worse. We made it though.

Lutsen 20144

Deep Powder at Lutsen

Lutsen 20147

Deep Powder at Lutsen

After lunch Patrick joined us on the slopes. It was so windy on Eagle Mountain that we decided to spend the afternoon on Ullr, not exactly exciting but much better than being blown away on Eagle or having to take the dreaded trail back from Moose.

Lutsen 20146

Deep Powder at Lutsen

Deep Powder at Lutsen

The next day was less windy and the sun was actually out, so we spent the whole day on the "mountains". Kate and Jeff came out with us and we introduced them to the new Caribou lift on Moose. They both attempted the black diamond, which was also their only option, and survived. Patrick was going to try out the run he name Freefall, but it was closed by the time he decided it to try it. He won a season pass for naming the run, so he will be back again this season to try it out.

Lutsen 20149

Patrick's Run at Lutsen

That night after dinner we got into the games. We played Bandu, Cards Against Humanity and an out of control version of Telestrations. On Sunday morning we headed back, but not before our traditional stop at Pizza Luce in Duluth for lunch.

Lutsen 20148


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