Saturday, September 6, 2014

6 Years

On August 23rd Patrick and I celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary. To celebrate the occasion we went to dinner the Thursday night before our anniversary. On our actual anniversary I had a wedding to photograph and we were both attending my cousin's wedding so we knew that day would be a busy one.

For our anniversary dinner we were supposed to go AgriCulture on 50th and France, but once we got there we weren't really in the mood for healthy food anymore so we went to the pub Pig and Fiddle across the street instead. Patrick got a british inspired Chicken Gryo and I had a Brie Grilled Cheese with a Fish Curry Soup. Both were really tasty and not at all appropriate for the steamy weather outside. After dinner we got dessert at the Yogurt Lab and checked out a Sur La Table. Quite the exciting lives we live for sure.


On our actual anniversary I had a wedding until 4pm and my cousin's wedding was in Lakeville at 4pm, so I figured I would at least make it to the reception. Patrick went to the wedding with Luke and I ended up getting to Lakeville right as they were getting through the receiving line. We had a ton of fun at the wedding. My mom even requested our wedding song to be played during the dance. It really was the perfect way to celebrate our anniversary.

Jason & Caitlin's Wedding

Jason & Caitlin's Wedding

Jason & Caitlin's Wedding

And here we are on each of our previous anniversaries.

6 Years of Anniversaries

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