Friday, March 13, 2015

Lutsen 2015

Well the last time I posted we were on the North Shore. I guess it's fitting my next post would be about a trip north again. Since my last post lots has happened, but I don't really have the energy to catch up. A short summary of September to January.

September - We got pregnant

October - We attended three weddings - Ryan & Kati - Sami & Steve - Elysia & Nick

November - We took a two week road trip. We visited Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, California and South Dakota. It was amazing and considering I was 10-12 weeks pregnant we got to do and see a lot.

December - We told all our friends and family about our baby news

January - Nothing exciting, started our list of things to do before the baby comes

And now to the highlight of February, a trip to the North Shore. We took our annual trip to Lutsen a couple weekends ago. It was a short trip, but so nice to get away and get outside after being inside all winter. The group this year included me, Patrick, Erin, Jachin, Heather, Jay, Elysia, Nick, Kate, Jeff, David & Kasie.

We made it pretty low key with the cooking and went out to dinner on Friday night to the Cascade Lodge and ordered pizza from Sven and Ole's for dinner on Saturday. We also switched up lunch and did grilled cheese and chili for lunch. I wasn't able to ski this year so I went with the other non skiers and went snowshoeing. Snowshoes weren't really necessary, but we bought these snowshoes in November and haven't used them once this winter so I was determined get one use out of them this winter. The trail we did was the Oberg Mountain Loop on the SHT. Lots of ups and downs. My fitbit counted 60 flights of stairs that day, which I would guess most from our hike. I can't imagine how many would be in a regular SHT trip.

Oberg Mountain Loop - SHT

Selfies on Oberg Mountain

Oberg Mountain Hiking Crew - Elysia, Sara, Heather, Jay & Kasie

While we were snowshoeing Patrick and Jachin tried out Free Fall the run that Patrick named last year. Let's just say they both survived, but neither of them plan to do that again anytime soon.

Patrick Skis Free Fall

On Sunday on our way home we stopped at Palisade Head. It's a short hike right off Hwy 61 and has some great views.

Palisade Head

Whole Group Selfie at Lutsen

And some bonus photos of me and my bump on the North Shore.

24 weeks on the North Shore