Friday, April 29, 2016

Mulch 2016

Long time, no blogging.  We have been busy with our baby, who is barely a baby anymore at 10 months old.  We recently updated the mulch in our yard and it was very useful to look back at our 2011 post about wood chips, so I figured another post about our wood chips would be helpful to us in the future.

We have a busy spring coming up so on the weekend of April 16th, Patrick decided to go for it and get all the mulch and spread it all out.  I will admit I had no involvement in this project at all.  Patrick ordered 9 cubic yards of mulch from Hedberg to be delivered to our house on April 15th.  That looked like an insane amount of mulch.  And it wasn't cheap either.  We paid $390 for the 9 cubic yards, which included a 10% off coupon ($310 for the mulch, $80 for delivery).  When we added wood chips in 2011 we used about 8 cubic yards, but thought 9 would be sufficient in the future.  Well, apparently that wasn't enough.  Over six hours Patrick hauled 77 wheel barrows full of mulch and it only covered the back yard (minus under the deck) and the west side of the house (which we later covered with Home Depot mulch).



On Sunday there was much more mulching to be done.  We knew we didn't want another load delivered since we would then have to pay another delivery fee, so we were planning to get bags to finish the front of the house.  I saw an ad on TV that Home Depot was having a sale on mulch.  We looked into that and it ended up being $2 a bag, so that's where we ended up getting the rest of our mulch.  Patrick used Home Depot's online measuring tool to determine how much more mulch we needed.  The estimator said we would need 112 more bags.  We thought that sounded like way too much.  Patrick borrowed Nick's truck and trailer and bought 60 bags at Home Depot for $128.  That't about all that fit in there and if we needed more we could always go back and get more.

Luckily that ended up being enough.  So in total this project cost $518.  Since the mulch from Home Depot is colored, it was much darker than the mulch we bought from Hedberg.  Patrick put the Home Depot mulch over the part of the front yard he had done on Friday, so the whole front yard would be the same color. The front is the darker Home Depot mulch and the backyard is the lighter Hedberg mulch.  I will say the Home Depot stuff looks nicer, but it also was a much bigger pain for Patrick to deal with the bags vs the Hedberg mulch we had delivered.  


Here are the before and after photos.  You can definitely tell the difference in the front, the back is much harder to tell.  Hopefully this cuts back on the weeds, as that is the biggest pain of having landscaping for sure.